Making the St James’ Way by bike is not easy. We should have a good physical condition, because its nearly 800 kilometers are mostly soil tracks and paths, often with many stones and very likely to be covered with puddles most of the year.
Unlike walking, having to rely on a machine, which in its simplicity may pose us mechanical problems, it may be wise to go with company and, in the case of failure, one of the group could move in search of the things needed.
Moreover, the bike requires all our senses. We must bear in mind the traffic and if we form part of a group, we must walk with care and in single file.
It is convenient to use cycling tight clothes that do not offer much resistance to wind; care the colors, which should be vibrant, so that drivers can see us clearly.
There are more than 800 kilometers, so we should forget about races, and the person who walks most quickly, he should go the last, except when it’s windy, then it’s better he goes the first.